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Five tips to teach you collocation of the bedroom curtains

                         Five tips to teach you collocation of the bedroom curtains


                                                    color matching

TOP1: collocation pays attention to the colour collocation of the bedroom balcony curtain

Curtain of the bedroom tonal choice, should be based on the overall and tonal room, or the same (similar) color, in depth level, build a harmonious and quiet household atmosphere; Or use different color combination, through the collocation of cloth art product, bedspread, sofa, table cloth, etc.), to form a kind of bouncing sense of rhythm, by the rhythm of the color make the room vibrant colours; Also can use the contrast color of large area, especially on the curtain design rendering, combination, make public of modern life, a sweeping indoor depressing atmosphere.


                                                        Material used

TOP2: bedroom balcony curtain collocation pays attention to the material used

Outside the curtain of the bedroom had better have two layers, a layer of the selection of thick cotton cloth, used to keep out the light, dust and noise, create a good rest environment, inside a layer of gauze, lace available such as transparent or translucent material, mainly used to create a romantic emotional appeal.


                                                      uniform style 

TOP3: bedroom balcony curtain collocation pays attention to the style is unified

The color of the curtain, the relationship between styles associated with household main body style. The curtain to choose the main requirement is as main body style unifies in the bedroom. The material, the color of the curtain, design must cooperate bedroom whole style. On the one hand, this need to consult, in order to make the curtains and bedroom design style photograph reflect.


                                                       wall decoration

TOP4: collocation pays attention to the metope adornment of the bedroom balcony curtain

The curtain for most of the bedroom, metope is one of the biggest decoration. Especially the "4 white be born" brands in the bedroom, in addition to some frame, may curtain left on metope adornment. The design of the curtain so often has a significant role on the entire interior space; For hardcover room, decorate photograph echo with the curtain will make the bedroom presents a unified style, better reflect the household atmosphere.



TOP5: bedroom balcony curtain collocation pays attention to the size of measurement

People when buying curtains and reasonable way of measurement should be: measure the window width and height in the home, such as window curtain box of window, measure the width and height of all needs to start with the amount of curtain box of window inside; If Windows with window frame, window size needs from the window frame to the outer measuring up. A basic principle is from amount of curtain rod, and takes into account the length of the hook, rather than start with the quantity of window edge. The length of the curtain should exceed the windowsill, specific will reference bedroom whole style more than how much. In general, long on the floor of the curtain can let a space look more formal, can also highlight a small window in the sense of space.