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The functionality of the curtain to choose

                                    The functionality of the curtain to choose

        When selecting the curtain also want to consider the use of its function. Such as bathroom, kitchen should choose practical and easy to wash cloth, the cloth to withstand the steam and oil pollution, simple and fluent style. Sitting room, dining-room can choose luxurious, beautiful fabrics. The curtain of the bedroom thick, warm and safety. Study curtain pervious to light performance is good, bright, use the color of quietly elegant. In addition, the choice of cloth still depends on the room is right radial demand, the light is enough, can choose gauze, thin cotton or silk cloth; Room light is too enough, you should choose a bit thick wool blended or brocade curtains, to resist the glare; The room is right radial demand is not very strict, choose cotton of element face printing commonly qualitative or hemp qualitative cloth is best. Kitchen, toilet, etc due to damp, lampblack, with shutter more appropriate. Lounge, tea house, also suitable for use wooden or bamboo blinds, should choose fast, the balcony is not easy to fade the curtain of material.


Deserve to act the role of not a presumptuous guest usurps the host's role. Curtain rail and window curtain, curtain accessories is to the curtain like jewelry apparel is to the woman, many also is not the more the better. Small curtain accessories line properly, can sometimes becomes amorous feelings of the conversion curtain progressed, and improper collocation of encumbrance to deserve to act the role of the curtain is sometimes also can let a good aesthetic feeling lost. So, choose the curtain accessories attentively, also cannot be ignored in the process of the family decorates a job.

Function: can hold concurrently


To protect privacy. For a family, who all don't like his every move in the sight of others. In this sense, different indoor area, focus on the degree of privacy and have different standards. Sitting room public activity area, this kind of family members to the requirement of privacy are low, most of the family living room are pulled open the curtain, in most cases in a state of decoration. For the bedroom, bathroom and other areas, people require not only could not see, and even can't see the shadow. This creates a different area of curtain to choose different questions. Sitting room we may select one partial transparent material, while the bedroom chooses thicker fabric texture.


Adornment effect. Adornment metope curtains for many ordinary families, is one of the biggest ornamental metope. Especially for some "4 white be born" brands in the family, apart from a few picture frame, leaves the curtain on metope. So, the choice of the curtain is beautiful or not, may often has a pivotal role. Similarly, for households hardcover, appropriate curtain will make household more beautiful more personality.


Use of light. Actually, the principle of protecting privacy, or from the aspects of blocking the light. Here the use of light, refers to the protection of privacy under the condition of effective use of light. The bedroom of a layer, for example, you don't like somebody else walked up and down all see indoor movements. But long-term thick curtains and affect the natural lighting. So similar to the gauze shade of the light curtain was born.

       Sound-absorbing noise reduction. We know that the transmission of voice part, high is the spread of the straight line, and Windows for high reflectivity is also very high. So, with proper thickness of the curtain, will be able to improve the indoor acoustic reverberation effect. Thick curtain, too, have to absorb some noise from the outside, improve the interior sound environment.

       Help to sleep. Studies show that when indoor noise pollution at 30 decibels, can interfere with normal sleep. So, choose a is very important for the curtain has sound-absorbing effect, quality of a material to flocking, cotton, MaWeiJia. In general, the thick curtain sound-absorbing the better the results. If you want to be in the daytime sleep a comfortable afternoon nap, it is best to choose a bedroom have effect of shading curtain, qualitative or flocking fabric is best. And study, generally do not need too strong light inside dining-room, can choose shutter, so that the light regulation.


Adjust the mood. If the curtain color is too deep, time is long can make the person mood depression; Color is too bright also is bad, some couples like colorful, but time grows, can cause visual fatigue, make the person mood be agitated. In fact, it's ok to numerous is Jane, to choose the color of light green, light blue and other natural, pure and fresh, can make person mood cheerful; Easy to suffer from insomnia, can try to choose red, black with curtains, help to sleep as soon as possible.