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The curtain for the four details of home decoration color

                           The curtain for the four details of home decoration color

Curtain, is a very important link in household soft outfit, in you pay a premium to hard to make good, soft outfit also nots allow to ignore! And it decides the mood of a room in a sense, also reflects the master life taste and interest. In order to get perfect collocation with bedroom curtains, the following details should not be ignored, hurry up to see how to make the curtain to decorate it.


Detail 1 understanding of functional fabric in advance

Prevent noise

With the seasons, warm, people's outdoor activities increased, the noise outside the window need curtain cut off.

If you want to get good sound-absorbing effect, in general, the thicker the curtain the sound-absorbing sex is stronger, is like a flock, such as cotton, hemp texture of the curtain.

Shading sex

In the summer, the light is strong, in the bedroom, choose shading sex strong curtain cloth can guarantee a good night's sleep. In the sitting room and dining-room, can choose thin with good sex of pervious to light quality fabric.

The choice of the curtain size detail 2

To be able to cover the area of the window curtain will play a good shielding effect. The length of the curtain should be in accordance with the specific circumstances of the window. French window and long frame window need to fall to the ground with the shade; Window above the floor Windows can use the be born curtain, also can use neat window curtain; Larger Windows should choose the curtain of the humanly scaled wide, such talent to achieve the balance effect on the vision.

Three curtain and window to supporting details

With more diverse now house door and window change, so the choice of the curtain to "adjust measures to local conditions".

Horizontal window. For the type of short and wide window, if there is no deep balcony and radiator, so choose to be born curtain is a better choice.

Awkward scene window. This is equipped with large window, the area is large, the curtain cloth, hence the need to use a rope mechanical device, such as heavy curtain rail.

Bay window. For large bay window, can accept consists of several separate curtain the be born curtain, the curtain fasten separately, using continuous curtain box got behind each piece of fabric. If the bay window are small, or arc, you can decorate it as a whole. Acceptance of a double curtain, each can be completely to either side of the window.

4 curtain stripes has exquisite details

Curtain stripes and design should be and the Windows of the room size, the age of habitant experiences, coordinate each other and indoor decoration, furniture style.

If the window is short, try not to choose the patterns of the lateral or small broken flower pattern, it is best to accept the vertical stripes. On the small window, should stop to choose big pattern of the curtain, otherwise will be more narrow window. The markings of the curtain should be straight, not tilted, or will cause the window tilt illusion.

A small curtain to choose pay attention to so much, really feel decorate is not a simple thing, that quickly learn together!