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How to choose the curtains for you

                                     How to choose the curtains for you

Curtain cloth is in the bedroom more main adornment, according to the pervious to light degree can be divided into three classes of pervious to light, half transparent and opaque. Pervious to light like the flower of the plain or jacquard window screening, dignified and elegant, there are all kinds of yarn rob, twill, half light polyester cloth, light richly, opaque with cotton fabric, velvet, velveteen, etc., the former is simple, the latter two luxury, each has its own characteristics.

Choose the curtain cloth, want to combine size, room lighting, furniture, bedroom space color, hobbies, and family economic conditions, and so on and so forth into consideration.

In general, the fabric should be beautiful and practical, design, colour shoulds not be too complicated. The sitting room the light is enough, it is the people activity more centralized place, appropriate USES light and patterned window screening, usually require quiet bedroom, furniture colour shoulds not be too strong, the light shoulds not be too strong. Therefore, the curtain had better divide layer, outer choose transparent window screening, lining the semi transparent or opaque material. So early in the morning and evening, using only the outer wire netting, make whole bedroom appear soft and comfortable, falling sleep window curtain, also can make the person in a quiet environment to get sufficient rest.