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How to choose the roller blind

                                     How to choose the roller blind

According to the demand to choose the fabric, window not shading is the basic choice, and then determine the drapes or shutter, drape is sound insulation, the sun, the light is downy, convenient opening and closing, all can open the window.

Conference room, training room, office manager, customer reception room etc. It is recommended to use drape is better, because sound insulation good, bad border is soft, loose and comfortable atmosphere. General office of the office shutter, material technology, printing, jacquard fabrics, the price is affected by the thickness of a material, design and color of the craft different and different, such as specific price must after watching the scene material to quote.

From budget for, vertical curtain due to easy bad, although clean, there are also many people give up choice, good cost and high; Shutter is conventional choice, because the cost is not high, neat and easy, so use frequency is quite high; Drape half is local use, pay attention to the company, the budget is full will be a lot of people use drape, because it is durable, but also convenient for opening and closing, the track is not easy to damage.