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The collocation of roller blinds

                                  The collocation of roller blinds

1, curtain color choices, "coordination". Its color, texture, with the furniture of the room, with constant style of the bedroom and indoor in harmony of metope, ground, ceiling, and to form a unified and harmonious beauty as a whole.

2, the choice of the curtain, and master the in the mind feel, color preferences in harmony, is the key. Such as red and green, blue and orange, red and blue, yellow and purple colour collocation can make the person produces bad psychological feeling, which is not coordinate is mainly embodied in the curtain with the ground, on the colour collocation of furniture and bedspread.

3, curtain colour, material choose and buy, should distinguish between the different characteristics of season. Summer USES material thin, transparent, soft yarn or fabric, is better to light color, cool; Winter appropriate USES qualitative jersey thick, fine wool, warm color, thick warm is highlighted. Age season with thick ice silk, cloth, emulation silk is given priority to, colour and lustre with medium advisable. The cloth, curtain, lively and lively, the four seasons all appropriate.

Generally speaking, the modern style is decorated in, of the sitting room of shutter design and color and style should match with the cloth of sofa of the sitting room, the hemp qualitative and terylene fabric.

2, in a sunny room, such as study, children room, bathroom, etc., can choose some better shade of insulation and optical, light not only good-looking, and keep the heat out of the window.