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It is necessary to install curtain gauze shade?

                               It is necessary to install curtain gauze shade?

Now a lot of people will choose to install the curtain, but people with gauze shade is not so much. After a lot of people are not clear with the curtain, is need to install a gauze shade, today this article with your specific resolution to this problem, and we should how to choose the curtain in the usual life, hope I can give you some help.

As to want to put gauze shade consumers can reference from the following several aspects:

1. The floor space. If the community building span is relatively far, at least in the more than 60 meters, can choose not to install the gauze shade. If the floor spacing is less than 50 meters with gauze shade, can effectively protect the privacy and do not affect the light.

2. The floor. If the floor is higher in more than 20 layers, can choose not to install; If the lower floors, is 1 to 3 floor, suggest installation gauze shade, can effectively protect privacy; If floor in 11-13 layer, commonly known as "dust layer", the sitting room installation yarn can effectively dust.

3. See home family orientation. South if sufficient sunshine in the home, family living room TV to reflective, gauze shade shading effect, also does not affect the pervious to light on the whole family.