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The collocation of vertical curtain knowledge

                                 The collocation of vertical curtain knowledge

Choose vertical curtain must know color color each character, feel soft, yellow green yangxin raise eye red festival is gorgeous, and so on.

Vertical curtain tonal, quality of a material must be coordinated with the furniture of the room, coordinated with the style of the decoration inside the bedroom, coordinated with indoor ceiling, metope ground, to form a unified and harmonious beauty as a whole.

The light slants dark the north room for neutral slants cold tonal, elegant emotional appeal, daylighting is good sun room, purplish red or yellow curtains, will adjust light into soft astigmatism.

The collocation of vertical blinds and space style

According to the different characteristics of the bedroom, can choose different character of the vertical curtain

1.bedroom: to emphasize its shading sex and concealment, a typical personal space, sweet romance. Thus, the choice of thick shading cloth do meal. More for yarn, curtain double. Color can be selected on a soft, sag and more elegant, can build up the romantic atmosphere of the bedroom.

2. The bathroom: for privacy going higher, should choose practical stronger and easy washing fabrics, simple style and makes every effort to smooth.

3. The restaurant: good with white, if yellow bottom. Open to try to adorn with white, can act as the icing on the cake.

4. The sitting room: choose curtains evokes warm, warm and luxurious, make the person has a feeling of warmth. The feeling can give a person warmth and hospitality.