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How to understand the curtain fabrics

                                       How to understand the curtain fabrics

Curtain of furniture of choose and buy, the first thing to understand the curtain fabrics, curtains on market at present the main fabrics are cotton, silk, silk, nylon, georgette, plastic, aluminum alloy, etc. Texture is soft and comfortable cotton curtain fabrics, silk curtain valuable, silk curtain luxury elegant richly, string bead curtain glittering and translucent get rid of is appeared, gauze curtains and soft and elegant, etc., each has his strong point.

When choosing curtain fabrics, also should consider the function of the room, such as bathroom, kitchen is about to choose practical stronger and easy to wash cloth, and simple style makes every effort to smooth. Sitting room, dining-room can choose luxurious, beautiful fabrics. The curtain of the bedroom is the place that we should be a lot of care, it requires that the curtain fabric texture is thick, warm, safe, to ensure the life secret and sleep at ease. In the study of curtain fabrics requires the pervious to light performance is good, bright, use the color of quietly elegant, make person among them, in the stable mood, is conducive to work and study.

Choose the curtain fabrics still should consider seasonal factor, summertime curtain appropriate USES material gentleness or silk yarn, to breathe freely cool; Winter appropriate USES qualitative thick wool cloth, thick warmth; Cotton print curtain four seasons all appropriate, lively and lively but especially in spring.

Curtain fabrics can produce different adornment effect. Velvet, satin, jacquard fabric, lacy adornment can give a person the sense with elegant, gorgeous. Pane cloth, corduroy, handwoven cloth can create a kind of easy and comfortable and comfortable style. The curtain fabrics had better not too smooth and ablaze, because such cloth reflexes the light easily, stimulate an eye, still can give a person the sense with cold.

Decorative fabric content mainly include: cotton, polyester, viscose, linen, etc. Woven fabric made from these ingredients are divided into: all cotton fabric, polyester-cotton fabric, chemical fiber fabric, cotton fabric, and so on. A few fabric is cotton fabric, fabric and most of the basic is terylene fabric. Because the benefits of terylene fabric is that it combines the advantages of cotton breathable, stain resistant and chemical fiber fabric color fastness high, fast good color fastness and not easy to shrink characteristic, is suitable for used as curtain fabrics.